Waiting Families

Mike & Brittany

We're from Michigan, We're open to visits!

We are an adventurous Christian couple who are excited to grow our family once again through the blessing of adoption. We're looking forward to providing a loving and stable home for your child and having him or her experience all that the country life has to offer. We're excited to begin this journey with you!


I'm from Michigan, I'm open to visits!

Hello from lovely Michigan! My name is Nicole and I am thrilled to become a first-time mom through the joy of adoption. I am financially stable, love the great outdoors, traveling, and spending time with my family and friends. I am excited to share my passion for life with your child and would love to keep in touch with you through letters, pictures, and visits.

Daniel & Marj

We're from Indiana, We're open to visits!

Hi! We are a Christian family of three from Indiana, and we are so excited to have the opportunity to grow our family through another adoption. We promise to love your child unconditionally and do our best to help him or her pursue their talents and interests as they grow older. We would be honored to maintain a relationship with you and keep in touch as your child grows.

Juan & Jessica

We're from Illinois, We're open to visits!

We’re an easy-going couple who loves to artistically express ourselves through photography, movies, cooking a new Food Network recipe, or baking that “not-so-perfect” Pinterest dessert. After 10 years of marriage, we’re hoping to become first-time parents through adoption! We promise to honor you, and your child's adoption story, throughout this journey. We are open to letters, photos, and visits, and hope to get to know you.

Lukas & Breezy

We're from Colorado, We're open to visits!

Hello from adventurous Colorado! We are over the moon to become first-time parents through adoption and look forward to sharing pictures, letters, and visits with you, if you'd like. We are an active Christian couple who would love to share our love of mountain sports and family trips with a child.

Nathan & Lauren

We're from California, We're open to visits!

Currently, we live in California and we are thrilled to become first-time parents through adoption. We look forward to raising our child in our loving and happy home, surrounding them with family, friends, adventure, and supporting them through all that they do. Our parents, siblings, grandparents, and extended family and friends are also excited to welcome your child. We are open to visits!

Mike & June

We're from Texas, We're open to visits!

We're honored and privileged that you are taking your time to learn more about us. We are an active, fun-loving couple living in the beautiful state of Texas. We're excited to become first-time parents and to share our fun and laughter with your child. We look forward to family camping trips, hiking and playing outside. We are open to adopting a baby of any race, birth to age 1 or a sibling group of up to 4 years old. We are willing and happy to share photos, letters, texts and visits during and after adoption.

Joey & Emilie

We're from Massachusetts, We're open to visits!

Thank you for taking the time to look at our profile. We promise to provide your child with a loving, faith-filled home with a supportive and encouraging family. We're looking forward to helping your child learn and explore the world and discover what God is calling them to be. We would love to get to know you and fulfill the hopes and dreams you have for your child. We are open to visits!

Michael & Tori

We're from Florida, We're open to visits!

Greetings from sunny Florida! We love to fish, kayak, hike, and play sports like volleyball, soccer, and disc golf. We also love to explore all of the local restaurants, art, and cultural events while keeping God at the center of our lives. Adoption has always been a part of our plan and, after some medical issues, we knew it was God's plan for us! We are thrilled to grow our family and are open to visits!

Nathan & Tana

We're from Wisconsin, We're open to visits!

Hello from Wisconson! We're a biracial, Christian couple that loves the outdoors and is ready to grow our family. We enjoy camping, boating, hiking, fishing, and playing fetch with our dogs in the yard. We are excited to welcome home your child and look forward to speaking with you! We are open to visits!